What is Change Engineering?

Change Engineering is about possibilities.

PlanningIt’s about movement. It’s about people and process. It’s about creation. It’s about endings. It’s about new beginnings. It’s about outcomes.

Look toward positive outcomes

Many people think of change as a bad thing…but it doesn’t have to be.

By creating a road map to move from your current state to get to your ideal future state is, at its core, what Change Engineering is all about.

Instead of starting from a negative place and where you or your business currently stand, think instead of what your promising future looks like. Ask yourself, your team, or your organization:

  • What do you want your desired future to look like?
  • What do you want your desired future to feel like?
  • What do you want your desired outcome to be?
  • Who needs to be involved to acquire your desired outcome?
  • What tools need to be involved to acquire your desired outcome?
  • What coaching needs to be involved to acquire your desired outcome?

From individuals to teams to entire organizations, change engineering is valuable for anyone and everyone.

Change Coaching

Change Coaching focuses on meaningful change for individuals – specifically future leaders, leadership development, and executive leaders. Helping leaders and managers achieve their goals during every stage of their careers ensures more effective leadership within your organization.

Change Consulting

Change Consulting focuses on both teams and the organization as a whole as they navigate substantial change. Efficiently maneuvering through team and organizational change will allow your business to continue to be successful, as well as achieve company-wide goals.

Tools & Assessments

Using assessments and tools, you can navigate successfully through expected and unexpected change to achieve your desired outcomes. Incorporating gap analyses, we help identify where you stand now and what your goals are in order to build the roadmap to success.

Ready to learn more about Change Engineering and if it’s right for you or your organization? Contact The Change Engineers today to learn more!

Janice DrakeShelle is an outstanding HR leader with strong capabilities in managing start-ups, acquisitions, re-organizations and succession planning. Members of her staff often moved on to higher positions under her leadership and guidance which is a success indicator of her ability to hire and develop others. She has the ability to think strategically, communicate vision and direction and garner support from employees, managers and peers at all levels.” – Janice Drake, Co-Founder & President at HOPE 360 INC