Build Effective Organizational Teams

Highly effective organizational teams don’t become successful overnight; they take time, diligence, and hard work to achieve success. For teams that are newly-acquired or that have become disengaged, the process to become an effective team that accomplishes improved results may be a daunting task.

It’s normal for teams in an organization to go through different growth stages or hesitation to change based on new acquisitions or restructuring. In fact, we often see teams go through evolutions of storming, forming, and norming; where the effects of ineffective team growth and change result in a negative impact on work and outcomes.

From different styles – including communication, interaction, and facilitation – to business mergers to new leaders in place, your team may have become disengaged for any number of reasons.

That’s where The Change Engineers come in.

Acquiring help to navigate through significant team change will allow your goals to be reached and results achieved. By incorporating team building exercises and proven tools and methods, our goal is to take your disengaged team to a winning and highly functioning team.

Team Change Consulting Services

If a team in your organization has become disengaged or you are experiencing significant cultural shifts, Team Change Consulting can help navigate through the process to create and sustain necessary change.

Our Team Change Consulting services include:

  • Assessments: We begin with assessing the team’s current work styles, collaboration styles, and communication styles. Since business team issues often stem from a difference in style rather than skill, we hone in on the different areas where styles vary.
  • Facilitation: Together, we work to set and achieve shared goals. Often, The Change Engineers incorporate team building exercises that fit the unique needs of your organization’s team. Strategic plans are also put into place to accomplish the team’s goals.
  • Follow Up: Building a winning team is not an overnight process. Through assessments and simulations, as well as ongoing communication and facilitation, your team has the ability to become a highly performing one in your organization.

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“I worked with Shelle while we were both at Landmark. She was very responsive to the needs of my operation even with the time-zone and geographical separation. I always had the feeling that she cared about our operation which was immensely important to our team on the ground. This is not always the case from the top of the HR food chain. It was refreshing to work with an HR professional that understood and practiced advanced continuous improvement techniques. I highly recommend Shelle.”– Michael Moore, SVP Maintenance Operations at Delta Airlines, Inc.