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SuccessAs a Developing Leader, you may have significant work experience under your belt but aspire to a larger leadership role. Perhaps you have managed projects or processes, but never directly led a team. Perhaps you are at a fork in the road in your career, and you don’t know which path to choose. Perhaps you want to make a complete career change.

In organizations, there are often many career paths to take, and it’s often impossible to know which one you may be best suited for… or how to successfully get the role.

That’s where The Change Engineers can help.

Whether your company sees you as a candidate for a larger leadership role or you need help identifying and achieving your career aspirations, The Developing Leaders program is right for you.

Developing Leaders Coaching Package

Utilizing Developing Leaders coaching strategies with a Change Engineer (link to 5.1. What is Change Engineering?), you’ll discover how to directly lead a team – instead of just projects – or how to make the right career change.

With our Developing Leaders package, we will:

  • Use tools/processes to determine current leadership effectiveness; identifying what works well for you and potential derailers
  • Provide a minimum 2-month engagement to create a gap analysis, design the change strategy and provide milestone coaching

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Marc_Thompson_Jr“Shelle’s coaching was instrumental in helping me navigate the toughest season of my professional life. Her ability to empathize, expand the range of perceived possibilities and encourage while holding me accountable to be my best self throughout the journey was critically important to arriving at a successful outcome.” – Marc Thompson Jr., former Managing Director at GE Capital Finance