Future Leaders


TeamIf you’re just starting out in your career, you probably have a lot of thoughts running through your head. Some of those thoughts may include:

  • What do I like to do?
  • What motivates and inspires me?
  • What career is right for me?
  • What do I want to do with the rest of my life?
  • How do I get started?

You may also be watching a loved one – perhaps a son or daughter – going through this very same thought process as they embark on a major life change or the next step in their career journey.

Developing Leadership Skills for Future Leaders

From new college graduates to young professionals ready to make a major career decision, Change Coaching for Future – or Aspiring – Leaders can help first evaluate, then guide the desires and future career goals that best fits you or your loved one.

Developing the skills of a Future Leader entails following a tried and true process.

  • Starting with key tools and assessments, we will help determine where goals, passions, and interests lie.
  • From there, we can provide guidance to explore and identify options and actions to help achieve the desired outcomes.
  • And finally, we’ll give our Future Leader the actionable, measurable steps to successfully navigate the change strategy.

Future Leaders Coaching Package

By working with a Change Engineer to determine (and accomplish) your goals, you’ll be that much closer to the career of your dreams.

With our Future Leaders package, we will:

  • Use assessment tools or processes to determine motivations, passions, and possible career paths
  • Conduct a minimum of 2 sessions to review assessment findings and design change strategy

Please contact us today to learn more about the program that is right for you.

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Jeff_Garwood“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Shelle for approximately 2 years. She was not only always on her game – she made sure I was on mine. She was always aware of first, second and usually third order implications of any organizational actions … during a period of significant change/reorganization. She also had a distinct reputation, duly deserved, of being engaged for the employee – with an awareness/input of/to the path of the business … a unique role for a senior HR professional. It would be a real pleasure to ever have the opportunity to work with Shelle again … she is a super professional.” – Jeff Garwood, Former CEO at GE Water and Managing Member at Liberation Capital, LLC