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As an executive leader, you’ve seen the landscape of your organization change over time. Even at the top, it’s important that you are able change, too. Whether navigating through major cultural shifts, business acquisitions, or simply managing new teams; your role – and therefore leadership style – can always use improvement. For this, change as it is required.

But change is often difficult to determine on your own. In fact, change can be nearly impossible if you don’t know where to start.

That’s where The Change Engineers come in.

Using Change Engineering methodology, we’ll help determine where your organization’s current results or challenges in your leadership role and – based on your direct reports – how you can alter your leadership style to better motivate your employees for beneficial organizational results. 

Executive Leadership Coaching Package

By following The Change Engineers process, we’ll balance your (or your executive’s) leadership, communication, and other management styles currently stand in alignment with your organizational and personal leadership goals.

With our Executive Leadership package, we will:

  • Customized engagement could include – but not limited to — individual and/or organizational assessments, 360 surveys and other customer or business-related inputs
  • Recommend a minimum 3-month engagement, which includes ongoing coach/executive check-in sessions

Please contact us today to learn more about the program that is right for you.

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“Simply put I could not have done the job without [Shelle]! She performed as an expert level in all areas from hiring to coaching, organization design, and integration of diverse cultures at we merged two former companies… just to mention a few.” – Frank Klaus, Retired CEO at Landmark Aviation