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Change Consulting for Teams & Organizations

CoachingSignificant change in organizations and within teams have become normal occurrences. A leader’s or an organization’s ability to successfully navigate these changes while equipping others to do the same can mean the difference between a disengaged, unproductive organization and a company that achieves its goals.

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Our Change Consulting Approach

Every organization approaches change in its own way. After all, a change circumstance is very unique to that specific culture, the business priorities, its workforce and/or leadership structure.

The Change Engineers will use tools, processes and our proven methodology to ensure the future outcomes you desire. We help to clearly define your current situation and then design a Change Strategy, inclusive of the strategies you’ll need to create optimal performance from your teams and the organization.

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Andrew_Farrant“Shelle Cleveland and I worked together at Landmark Aviation between October of 2004 and July of 2007. Landmark was the result of a merger between three business aviation service companies within a private equity environment. Shelle did an excellent job of merging HR systems and policies. She was also a key supporter / contributor to many of the change management programs we developed to support the workforce through the change / re-branding of the company following the merger.” – Andrew Farrant, VP Marketing & Corporate Communications at Sequa Corporation