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Whether you’re just getting started in your career, further developing as a people leader or are currently in an executive leadership position, you may find changes are needed to achieve more or to improve your leadership effectiveness.

Are you a…

  • Do you (or someone you love) aspire to be a leader in the future?

    Perhaps you (or family member) just graduated from college and needs guidance to identify the right career path. Or maybe you’re ready for the career you’ve always wanted, but don’t know where to start.

    If you envision yourself as a future leader, but need help to map out the right journey The Change Engineers can help.

    Learn more about our future leader services here. 

  • Are you experienced in your field, but looking to move up in the organization to your first team leadership position or to be eligible for a larger, leadership role?

    If you are seeking ways to improve your leadership capabilities and opportunities, then The Change Engineers is exactly what you need. Learn more about our developing leader services here.

  • As a senior leader, at times it can be lonely at the top – especially when it comes to admitting that there is always room for improvement. Not only in your own leadership style, but in the results you can influence in your organization.

    Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to help you leverage the things that make you most effective as well as identify and avoid traits that can be derailers for you and your team.

    Using Change Coaching techniques, we can help. Whether you’ve seen a shift in your organization’s results or have simply discovered challenges with your leadership style, Executive Leadership coaching could be right for you. Learn more about our executive leadership services here.

  • For organizations, leaders are a key component of your success. Ensuring your leadership –those identified as up-and-coming leaders or the more experienced ones –   can perform at their best may mean achieving business results…or not. Perhaps you’ve seen particular leaders hit performance roadblocks and are unsure of how to move forward – or you seek a more effective way of developing your leadership pipeline. Regardless of the specific need, Change Coaching can get you the results you need. Contact the Change Engineers  to receive more information about the approach and tools we can provide for your specific needs.

Our 3-Step Change Coaching Approach

As The Change Engineers, we know that every leader is a result of their own experience and individual traits; that is why each leadership engagement we have is designed with that in mind. Yet, the overall approach with each coaching relationship is consistent.

Here is our 3-Step Change Coaching Approach: 

  1. Create a clear vision of the future you want.

We start with first understanding your specific leadership and/or career goals and how coaching can help. Of course, we have an array of assessment tools and processes available to us, based on what is needed to best assist in your discovery process. What do you want to accomplish or change? How should we partner with you in the change journey to ensure success? What is the vision for your desired future?

  1. Identify gaps between current state and desired future outcomes.

Once goals are clearly defined, we explore the gap between where you are today and your desired future. What are your current capabilities and behaviors? What does your future look like if outcomes are met? What new behaviors, experiences and motivators have to be in place to make the change happen? What are you willing to commit to doing differently? What other resources/support are needed?

  1. Design change strategy and action plan.

Once we have a clear vision of what changes are required, we can then create the roadmap to achieve those results. We partner with you to identify meaningful, measureable, time-based actions. We will be there to help you successfully navigate your change journey.

Ready to learn more about Change Coaching and if it’s right for you or your organization? Contact The Change Engineers today to learn more!

Change Coaching Packages



Future Leaders

  • Use tools and assessments to determine motivations, passions and possible career paths.

  • Recommend a minimum of 2 sessions to review results, identify goals and design a detailed change strategy.

Developing Leaders

  • Use tools/processes to determine current leadership effectiveness, identifying what works well for you and potential derailers.

  • Recommend a minimum 2-month engagement to create a gap analysis, design change strategy and provide milestone coaching.

Executive Leaders

  • Customized engagement could include – but not limited to -- individual and/or organizational assessments, 360 surveys and other customer or business-related inputs.

  • Recommend a minimum 3-month engagement, which includes ongoing coach/executive check-in sessions.

Please contact us today to learn more about program and pricing options.

Janice DrakeShelle is an outstanding HR leader with strong capabilities in managing start-ups, acquisitions, re-organizations and succession planning. Members of her staff often moved on to higher positions under her leadership and guidance which is a success indicator of her ability to hire and develop others. She has the ability to think strategically, communicate vision and direction and garner support from employees, managers and peers at all levels.” – Janice Drake, Co-Founder & President at HOPE 360 INC