Here at The Change Engineers, we are passionate about leading your team or organization to success through the use of tried and true Change Coaching & Consulting methodology.

Our specialties include:

In addition, we also utilize a wide variety of assessments and other tools, depending on  the specific needs of the individual or organization. With proven change methods and strategies, we work to develop real and lasting change for you and your organization.

About The Change Engineers

The Change Engineers is a network of certified coaches and change solutions experts with extensive experience leading and/or developing teams and organizations.

By leveraging our significant organizational experience with proven tools processes and methodologies, The Change Engineers is committed to helping you to achieve your business goals.

We work with both small and large companies – as well as with individuals or organizations – and across many industries. Our change engineers are professionally certified in their fields as well, including coaching, talent assessments, process management, six sigma, change management, training and facilitation, communications and organizational development.

“Shelle Cleveland is a focused strategist that helped her organization as they evolved and changed; communicating the new direction and building consensus at all levels of the company. Her powerful communication skills, concise thinking and future forward look can help any organization change and adapt, laying a foundation for success and future years of profitability.” – Lisa Rafferty, SVP and US MMX Leader at Aon Active Health